Question: What Is The Opposite Of Decompose?

What is the opposite of biodegradable?

capable of being decomposed by e.g.


“a biodegradable detergent” Antonyms: imperishable..

What is a antonym for rivulet?

noun. Synonyms. watercourse streamlet runnel run stream rill. Antonyms. stand still ebb arrive malfunction earned run.

Whats another word for breaking down?

The words analyze and dissect are common synonyms of break down. While all three words mean “to divide a complex whole into its parts or elements,” break down implies a reducing to simpler parts or divisions.

What’s the meaning of rot?

verb (used without object), rot·ted, rot·ting. to undergo decomposition; decay. to deteriorate, disintegrate, fall, or become weak due to decay (often followed by away, from, off, etc.). to languish, as in confinement. to become morally corrupt or offensive.

What is a synonym and antonym for decompose?

decompose. Antonyms: compound, concoct, mix, organize, compose. Synonyms: analyze, segregate, individualize, resolve, dissolve.

What is decompose math?

Well, that’s what decompose means in math, also. All numbers can be broken down into parts. … In math, when you break a number apart, it’s called decomposing.

What is the meaning of biodegradable?

“Biodegradable” refers to the ability of things to get disintegrated (decomposed) by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological (with or without oxygen) while getting assimilated into the natural environment. There’s no ecological harm during the process.

What is another word for biodegradable?

What is another word for biodegradable?decomposableecofriendlyecologicalenvironmentalgreenrecyclableenvironment-friendlyenvironmentally friendlyenvironmentally-safeenvironmentally sound14 more rows

What does non degradable mean?

: incapable of being chemically degraded : not degradable nondegradable plastics.

What is the opposite of decomposition?

Synthesis & Decomposition. The two basic reaction types are synthesis and decomposition. Synthesis reactions are reactions that assemble substances together into larger molecules and/or compounds. Decomposition reactions are the opposite of synthesis reactions because they take apart larger molecules and/or compounds.

What is the synonym of decompose?

Some common synonyms of decompose are decay, putrefy, rot, and spoil.

What decompose means?

1 : to separate into constituent parts or elements or into simpler compounds decompose water by electrolysis decompose a word into its base and affixes. 2 : rot. intransitive verb. : to break up into constituent parts by or as if by a chemical process : decay, rot fruit decomposes.

What is another name for decomposition reaction?

A decomposition reaction is a type of chemical reaction in which one reactant yields two or more products. Decomposition reactions are also known as analysis reactions or chemical breakdowns.

Can decompose naturally?

In most grassland ecosystems, natural damage from fire, insects that feed on decaying matter, termites, grazing mammals, and the physical movement of animals through the grass are the primary agents of breakdown and nutrient cycling, while bacteria and fungi play the main roles in further decomposition.